The town in question has long had ambitions of becoming one of the leading tourist centers within the country. For example the Haldia Development Authority has been granted a mandate through which it can control all the resources that are supposed to achieve this objective. An example is the kind of work that has gone into developing the Haldia industries to a level where they will be able to compete better with their international rivals. A proposal was recently put to the Centre and West Bengal government. Under the arrangements the Nayachar Island would be declared a special tourism area. Although some of the residents might complain about favoritism, the move makes sense. It would allow the developers to earmark specific projects that are geared towards increasing revenue. What to do at sentosa singapore 

How it might be possible to promote this budding community

If the proposal is accepted in its current form then there would be multiple benefits for the people that are interested in turning this into a major networking destination. A. Subbiah is the HAD chief and is of the view that the time has come for the local authorities to concentrate on the process of creating Haldia jobs for local people. Given the dangers that the recession represents, this might be the best way of ensuring that young people do not fall into the trap of crime and destitution. The West Bengal Consultancy Organization or WEBCON has undertaken some studies into the tourism potential of the area. Recommendations were sent to the HDA in an effort to speed up the process. Approval has been received and this can only mean that the project will begin in earnest.

There are all sorts of local organizations that are considering the possibility of joining the scheme. For example the Haldia Colleges will need to think of ways of promoting skills that are specifically geared towards the tourism sector. The opportunities are there to be picked up but the final result will depend on the persistence and commitment of the people that have been granted this responsibility. The project is wide ranging and there were recommendations that developments be put towards the Tamluk area. Furthermore a tourism circuit would be put in place to link Haldia to Mahishadal and Nayachar. This would enhance trend in all the locations that have been mentioned. The future is very bright for the community as long as they embrace all the programs that have been proposed.


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